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There are three (3) lots for sale now. Plus one more lot with a 3,538 square foot home that is listed however was recently taken off the market (click here to see the v-tour of this home).
In the maps and illustrations below, the parcels are numbered #1 through #4 going from North to South along Noe Bixby Road.

Contact Joe Kreber at (614) 589-2061 or joe@trdmrk.com for more info!

Click this link to view a map with sanitary sewer lines superimposed.

Lot # 1: Home on 2 acre lot
(click here to see the v-tour)

lot #1


Lot # 2: Northern 1.73 acre lot--$85,100
Included when your buy the home, if available.

lot #2


Lot # 3: Southern 2.3 acre lot--$118,500
Included when your buy the home, if available.

lot #3


Lot # 4: Southeastern 1 acre lot--$40,000
Listed by us for a different Seller!


Below are photos from Lot #1 with the
existing home that show the potential
of building on the three vacant lots!

potential river view

view up the hill

view south down the river

view of river

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