Look who’s talking!



These most-welcome quotes were received by me
during the years 1981 and 1982, when I first introduced
The Nebula Series and my “painting with light.”
Many of these good and gracious folks
have passed away in the 25 years since,
and I have decided to retain their wonderful
comments exactly as they were given and received
in the beginning.


Ron Pataky










• Vincent Price - The distinguished actor and art collector says of the series and the artist: "Webster defines art as 'The conscious use of skill, taste and creative imagination in the production of aesthetic objects.' Skill and taste are unquestionably evident in Ron Pataky's art – in the technical beauty of these creatively imaginative objects. The accomplishment is breathtaking."


• Don Fuller - Director of the famed GALLERY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS (exclusive distributor for the work of Ansel Adams), Fuller is quite enthused over Pataky's work, writing: "When we find an artist like yourself who is not only immensely creative, but also visually exciting, it is an adventure in itself. We feel confident of our ability to identify and interest other dealers who will not only share our excitement, but will be able to pass on their enthusiasm to their clients. For our own private collection, incidentally, we have chosen PARADA VERDE."

• George Lucas - The film director, whose "Star Wars" virtually revolutionized special effects in films, remarks: "We are happy to have MOONS OF CANDIDA in our collection. It is really quite a work of art, and will be displayed for all to see in our special effects department. Thanks."


• Neil Armstrong - Former astronaut and the first man to walk on a planet other than Earth, says of the artist: "Yours is a unique talent. THE NEBULA SERIES is a fascinating art form, certainly unlike anything I've seen before. I wish you great success in its development and recognition. We can meet again at your convenience if you will call me. I'll be happy to come to your place."

• Senator John Glenn - The former astronaut and his wife, Annie, are great fans of THE NEBULA SERIES. They comment: "The marvelous photos you have done are absolutely breathtaking and we will cherish them. We hope to use them in some way that will do them justice. Thank you so much.


• Ronald Reagan – Writing from the White House in June of 1982, President Reagan called The Nebula Series "beautiful," Adding: "I want you to know how pleased I am by your  kindness. Nancy joins me in sending you our best wishes."

• Richard M. Nixon - Another former President to respond positively to THE NEBULA SERIES, Nixon writes: "Mrs. Nixon and I would be honored to receive one of your paintings. Please select the one you believe we will most enjoy. In turn I am sending you autographed copies of my two most recent books. Thank you again."

• Gerald R. Ford – And finally, the last of three past American Presidents to praise Ron Pataky's work, President Ford writes: "I’m not expert, but I do know I very much like what I see of THE NEBULA SERIES, as does Mrs. Ford. Mrs. Ford joins me in a hope for great success with your artistic endeavors."


• Sir Laurence Olivier - The artist sent Olivier a print while the actor was recovering from surgery. In response, Olivier writes: "Your work is exquisite. I thank you for your sweet thoughtfulness. Perhaps we will be able to visit again when I am finally back in full health."

• Sandra Day O'Connor - This Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court says of Ron Pataky's work: "THE NEBULA SERIES is a most remarkable art form."

• James A. Michener - The prolific novelist is also among the international celebrities enjoying Pataky's work. Says the writer: "I have finally selected MOONS OF CANDIDA, although I was frankly impressed with them all, and found myself with the difficult decision of deciding which was my favorite."

• Dianne Feinstein - The United States Senator from California is most impressed, saying: "Your 'PAINTING WITH LIGHT' prints are truly wonderful. I thank you for letting me see them, and I shall enjoy them for years to come as they grace my office walls."

• James Roosevelt - Says this businessman son of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Your photos are truly beautiful and interesting. I am having mine framed for my office. I enjoyed our conversations and am planning on visiting your Los Angeles showing later this spring. All good wishes for the wonderful success that surely awaits you."

• Angie Dickinson - Here is another film star fascinated with THE NEBULA SERIES. She writes: "Your work is fabulous and I am honored to own it. Incidentally, I'm going to have even the lithographs framed because I am crazy about all of them. I will definitely see you at your exhibit!"

• William F. Buckley Jr. - The noted author, journalist and television personality, has similar praise, saying: "I am so grateful for the examples of your remarkable work. I congratulate you for your prowess."

• Jack Lord - Star of the memorable HAWAII FIVE-O television series and a highly regarded artist as well, Lord writes: "I love your work and am honored to have one of your originals in our collection. I am, however, still in the dark as to how you accomplish such visual impact and clarity."

• Phyllis Diller - The wonderful comedienne and highly-respected concert pianist says of Pataky and his art: "Your work is truly remarkable. THE NEBULA SERIES is spectacular; and you, I suspect, are a genius."

• Lillian Gish - The celebrated actress, whose career spanned more than six generations, says: "Ron Pataky's NEBULA SERIES is truly exciting new form of art. I am fascinated by it, and particularly love my PARADA VERDE. The more I study it, the more I see and/or think I see in it. Ron has a great talent and a great future."

• Mario Cuomo - This ex-Governor of New York State also is among those much impressed. Says Cuomo: "The products of your 'PAINTING WITH LIGHT' are most exciting and the reproductions are excellent. I will continue to make good and effective use of them. And thank you so much for signing and personalizing them."

• Arnold Palmer - The golfing great, writing to a friend who sent him a Pataky original as a gift, says in his letter: "The PARADA VERDE print by Ron Pataky is a most unusual and unique one indeed. We certainly are very proud and pleased to have it. Be assured it will be displayed in a prominent place in our home."

• Itzhak Perlman - One of the world's great violinists, Perlman says in a letter to the artist: "Your photographs are quite beautiful. Under separate cover I am sending you several samples of my work, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoy yours. Thank you."

• Red Skelton - The internationally-beloved comedian and clown-artist says in a letter describing this work: "Ron Pataky's art is much more than merely excellent. It is inspired, moving and most creative."

• Anthony Quinn - Known better in art circles as a consummate artist and sculptor rather than as an actor, Quinn comments: "I am quite impressed with your work and wish to congratulate you on achieving such high quality. I have shown your work to William Mett, who is the curator of our main art gallery here in Honolulu, and he will be writing you."

• William D. Mett - The president of Center Art Galleries of Honolulu writes at the request of actor/artist Anthony Quinn: "We are all impressed with the effect you have been able to achieve with your incredible 'PAINTING WITH LIGHT.' Please keep us in mind with regard to scheduling a showing here in Hawaii after your obligations there are fulfilled."

• Elke Sommer - A noted artist in her own right, Miss Sommer's remarks are authoritatively succinct. She says: "Your work is magic!"

• Alec Guinness - The famed British actor writes to the artist: "Your prints are very evocative and suggest a strange purity. I would very much like to visit your gallery, and to attend one of your showings. Perhaps we could talk about your admirable talents and techniques."

• Rudy Vallee - The vintage singer and musician, whose career has spanned six decades, writes to the artist: "I have seen other attempts at creating something unusual in photography; but frankly, I have never seen any to equal what your lens and brain have achieved. I prize both of my prints and will never part with them."

• Robert Goulet - The singing star writes to the artist: "Your Nebula Series is what my wife and I have been yearning to find – a beautiful and fascinating art form. We have the perfect spot for them in our home. Thank you so much."

• Elia Kazan -
The famed motion picture director says of Pataky's work: "What handsome photographs! … the work of a strong personality!"

• Candice Bergen - The popular actress writes to the artist: "Thank you for the sensational photos. They are brightening my dressing room. Please let me know when you intend to have another showing in Los Angeles. I enclose a personal address."


• Charles Aznavour - The French film and cabaret star and art collector (and frequent patron of young European artists) writes: "The Nebula Series is quite unlike anything I have seen before. Our original of STORM CLUSTERS: EURONIX is beautiful on your wall, where we enjoy looking at it daily. I hope someday to learn how you manage to create these works. Meanwhile, we thank you and wish you all success as you continue your work."

• Charlton Heston - The actor writes to the artist: "Both Lydia and I are touched by The Nebula Series. They're beautiful. Since she is the photographer in the family, I left the choice to her. I agree with her selection of KONNOSSIS, a most provocative piece. We look forward to having it in our collection. Thank you so much."

• Don Ameche - The veteran stage and screen star is equally impressed. He writes: "Creative is the word for Ron Pataky's work, although I can think of others – beautiful, sensitive, stimulating, haunting. Art is a very personal thing with me. I must personally like and feel something and be moved. I feel these things about Ron Pataky's creations."

• Douglas Fairbanks Jr. -   The comments of the legendary film star are similarly enthusiastic. Says Fairbanks: "These are fabulous! THE NEBULA SERIES is truly beautiful and wonderful and I only wish I knew how you managed it. It is a fascinating concept superbly executed!"

• Dianne Feinstein - The United States Senator from California is most impressed, saying: "Your 'PAINTING WITH LIGHT' prints are truly wonderful. I thank you for letting me see them, and I shall enjoy them for years to come as they grace my office walls."

• Brooke Shields - The famous actress/model wrote to the artist while still a college co-ed, commenting: "I will enjoy my NEBULA SERIES original, which is now hanging on my wall at Princeton, for many years to come. You are a very talented man."

• Jose Ferrer - The brilliant actor shares his gracious thoughts on Ron Pataky's 'PAINTING WITH LIGHT', saying: "I am delighted with your work and career. Please select for me the original limited edition you consider most appropriate, as this would make it the more personal and significant."

• John Gavin -
Formerly an actor and Ambassador to
Mexico, John Gavin also is taken by THE NEBULA SERIES, writing: "Your work is stunning. With your permission, I'm going to ask my wife to help me chose. Thank you."

• Gordon MacRae - Considered by many to be the finest singer in the country today, MacRae adds his enthusiastic comments: "The Nebula Series Photographs most assuredly express a unique beauty and concept. Both my wife and I think they are fabulous. We look forward to seeing you again at your next exhibit."

• Terry Moore Hughes - The former wife of the legendary Howard Hughes is fascinated with Pataky's work, writing: "They are absolutely out of this world! Howard would have loved your NEBULA SERIES. He was always interested in futuristic concepts, especially something such as yours, which stimulates the imagination. Please let me know of any upcoming exhibits in the Los Angeles area."

• Ed Koch - The popular ex-Mayor of New York City wrote to the artist while still serving as Mayor, commenting: "THE NEBULA SERIES is extraordinary indeed. Your work seems to blend the world of art and the world of science, and I would think it most appropriate to place one of your works in the Office of the Commission for Science and Technology of New York City. I have asked my liaison with the commission to contact you directly.


• Johnny Desmond - The superb singer purchased the NEBULA SERIES as a gift for his wife. His humorous quote: "The Nebula work is gorgeous on our living-room wall. Only one problem. The minute my agent saw it, I had to hire a round-the-clock guard to protect it against theft. And then there's Diane, my daughter…"

• Earl Wilson - The most durable and widely-syndicated entertainment columnist ever, Wilson wrote: "THE NEBULA SERIES is excitingly new and different – the kind of art that can become collectable in a hurry!"

• Ed Ames - The Broadway and recording star joins what he refers to as "Pataky's autograph line," commenting: "The work is terrific and the concept intriguing. I think you have a great future!"

• Milton Berle - The famous comedian calls THE NEBULA SERIES "truly amazing," adding in part: "I haven't the slightest notion what it is, though … other than beautiful. How in the world do you do it?"

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