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Let’s Just Get This Silly Thing Out Of The Way!

Isadora Glickenspat
Was neither thin nor very fat
But loved to sit and marinate in sauce

She wasted time by doing that
Complained the elder Glickenspat
Who, after all, was Isadora’s boss

The two went round till ground was found
(With Isadora stark ungowned)
On which to meet regarding daily soaking

Miss Isadora in the fray

FOR saucy soaking every day!
To which the Angry Elder screamed, “You’re joking!”

An answer, then, was nowhere found
With Izzie soaking in the round
In sundry sauces brimming to the top

Midst mighty hue and raucous cry
And Angry Guy disgorging why
The practice stunk and surely then should stop

But Izzie sat ‘neath pansied hat
Not saying this nor much of that
Her mentals closed and not about to bend

Since pages hence and words galore
Will never ever tell us more
We now conclude this silly rhyme must end


©2005: Dr. Ron Pataky