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Descartes Before De Horse

C: 2006 – Dr. Ron Pataky


“Cogito ergo sum,” he said,
“I think, therefore I am
And though Rene is long since dead
He’s left us in a jam

Could “Cogito ergo cogito sum
Possibly offer a key
For the lesser, simpler, dimmer minds
That dwell in folks like me?

Could one more “cogito” plug the chink
To clear the cerebral jam
As it then more correctly would render
“I think
And therefore I THINK that I am!

In any event, I disagree
And can prove, I think, in a blink
That all who somehow happen to be
Do not necessarily think

I, for example, don’t think at all
So if I were to buy this rot
Despite the fact that my life is a ball,
I guess HE would say I am not!



©2005: Dr. Ron Pataky